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Our company’s mission is to be a leading market-oriented company providing total quality telecommunication solutions in terms of equipment, systems and services and to optimize returns so as to add value to the employees and shareholders of the company. At Saman S.C.G, we would like to share our vision with our customers of a better world, a world with no border. A world wonderfully connected through the most advanced communication technologies. We are proud to be at the forefront of this very exciting industry, one that truly brings people together, and bridges nations, big and small. As a Telecommunication and IT Solution provider, our strength lies in our wealth of experience accumulated through the years. More importantly, we believe strongly in the human face of technology. As such, you will find that we are a company, which is fun to business with. Relationships germinated are cultivated in to business partnerships that are both enjoyable and mutually rewarding, for a win-win combination. We listen and we act fast, to respond like a small, personalized company. We form long term; strategic alliances and we are focused and committed in all our business dealings all…. All of which serve to effectively optimize your business ventures. We are committed to our customers by implementing the latest and the most reliable technologies, and we make sure that our customers receive the best solution or services, in order to cut costs, increase productivity, and expand their business.

What is vsat?

A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a device - known as an earth station - that is used to receive satellite transmissions. The "very small" component of the VSAT acronym refers to the size of the VSAT dish antenna -typically about 2 to 4 feet (0.55-1.2 m) in diameter- that is mounted on a roof on a wall, or placed on the ground. This antenna, along with the attached low-noise blocker or LNB (which receives satellite signals) and the transmitter (which sends signals) make up the VSAT outdoor unit (ODU), one of the two components of a VSAT earth station. VSAT stands for very small aperature terminal and is known as an eath station which is receive and transmit data via satellite. The small aperature refers to the size of antenna which is usually between .55 to 2.4 meters. It makes VSAT portable, easily mountable and very flexible. A vsat earth station contains of to part. The outdoor unit is made up The antenna, the attached LNB (for receiving satellite signals) and the transmitter (which sends signals). The other component is indoor unit (IDU). IDU contains a small desktop box or PC included receiver and transmitter boards and interfaces to communicate with house equipments, lans, TV and so on. The ODU and IDU are connected to each other via one pair of cable which called RF cable and they usually are coaxial type. The second component of VSAT earth station is the indoor unit (IDU). The indoor unit is a small desktop box or PC that contains receiver and transmitter boards and an interface to communicate with the user's existing in-house equipment - LANs, servers, PCs, TVs, kiosks, etc. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit with a pair of cables. As it is metioned before the VSAT offers many reliable and flexible services and also it has some benefits for the users compared with the other technologies. For example you can run your network by VSAT in star or mesh or even mixture of star and mesh which usually named hybrid. Even you may have both mesh and star topologies and the same time and in the same network VSAT offers the Bandwidth-on-demand system. This will allocates to the bandwidth to each station depend on the usage of the station and will decrease the rental payment for the space segment. Also VSAT systems are modular and because of the open architecture you expand the capability of the system easily and only by adding another card to the system. Any time you or your corporate needs to increase the number of VSAT stations it will be done only in a few days because of the nature of VSAT.

Mesh Topology:

In a nertwrok with mesh topology any VSAT nodes can communicate with each other only with a single hop (a link through the satellite) this facility will decrease each transaction time from one node to the other and the traffic delay will be reduced. In this case this type of topology is ideal fo any time sensitive applications like voice transactions, Video teleconferencing and high-speed data circuits. In a mesh network the remote VSAT nodes may communicate with each other via a single relay link through the satellite. The "single hop" nature of this topology reduced the time lag between the sending and receipt of traffic. As a result, mesh topologies are ideally suited for applications that are time sensitive. Mesh topology applications include: • voice transiting • video teleconferencing • high-speed data circuits

Star Topology:

In a star network all traffic from and to remote earth stations is routed via the central HUB station. Star networks are preferred when a large percentage of the traffic terminates at a designated earth station. Key advantages of a star network topology: • The remote earth stations are less expensive to build, since they do not need to be configured to route traffic to all network nodes. • By using a larg antenna at the HUB station the power consumption in remote sites will be minimized. • The satellite power utilization can be minimized by using a relatively large Hub antenna. Hybrid Topologies: Star and mesh topologies may be combined in a variety of ways to create a hybrid network. A key consideration in the design of a hybrid network is the wideband applications envisioned by the customer. Depending on the applications to be supported, some of the sites can be configured as a HUB in a star network, while the remaining sites are configured as a mesh network. Alternatively, a VSAT may be part of both a star network and a mesh network.

Hybrid Topology:

If we combine the Star and Mesh topologies in any way, a hybrid topology will be made. With such a topology we can support several application via a single network at the same time. We can configure a station to comunicate with some other stations in the star topology depend on the application while some other stations are communication in mesh topology. A station can be configured to communicate in both manner depend on the applications it is using.

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